Last modified November 26, 2018 by Shelly Wolfe


MailChimp_iconMailChimp is an email marketing service. The MailChimp Adaptor enables you to manage email subscription lists from Swrve based on user actions within the app.

Supported actions

The MailChimp Adaptor supports the following outbound actions:

  • Subscribe user to an email list
  • Unsubscribe user from an email list

Use cases

Marketing email lists

Marketing emails are bulk emails sent with minimal personalization to a set audience or list of users. Marketing emails are scheduled as opposed to triggered on a per-user basis. The target audience for a marketing email campaign are grouped as email lists. Management of such email lists and the scheduling of marketing email campaigns is done in MailChimp. Swrve is used only as a client to add or remove users from MailChimp-managed email lists.

For example, if you wanted to maintain an email list for users who have made in-app purchases, for retargeting purposes, you could create an email list called high_value_mobile_users in MailChimp and add users to the list (from Swrve) as and when the user makes their first purchase. Likewise, if the user opts out of receiving emails via an in-app message, the same user may be removed from an existing email list.

The action of removing or adding user’s emails is triggered on receipt of a related event. In the above example, the arrival of the purchase event or the email_opt_out event could be used as a trigger in a Swrve Amplify rule to implement the required list management behavior. There are two main steps involved in managing an email list via the MailChimp adaptor:

  1. Create a custom event in the Swrve SDK for the user action that you want to use to trigger the subscribe or unsubscribe action.
  2. Create an Amplify rule that is triggered on receipt of the designated event and uses the Subscribe User or Unsubscribe User action to manage the email list.
The Subscribe/Unsubscribe User action configuration includes the mandatory field: email address. The email address value should be included as part of the trigger event payload or stored in Swrve as a user property to configure the rule.

Adaptor configuration

Step 1: To access the configuration settings, on the MailChimp Adaptor card, select Configure.

Step 2: Complete the following fields as required:

Field Description
API Key The MailChimp API key.

Step 3: To save the configuration settings, select Save.

After you select Save, the status of the Adaptor changes to Active and the Deactivate button is available.

Rule configuration

This section describes the fields that are included when creating a new rule using the selected action. For most fields, you have the option to manually enter the value or to select a user property from the list to have Swrve automatically populate the value when the rule is processed. For more information on rules, see Creating Amplify rules.

Subscribe user

The Subscribe User action adds a specific user to an email list that is maintained in MailChimp. Complete the following fields to include the values required to add the user to an email list.

Field Description
List ID The name of the email list to which the user’s email address will be added.
Email The user’s email address.
First Name The user’s first name.
Last Name The user’s last name.

Unsubscribe user

The Unsubscribe User action removes a specific user from an email list that is maintained in MailChimp. Complete the following fields to include the values required to remove the user from an email list.

Field Description
List ID The name of the email list from which the user’s email address will be unsubscribed.
Email The user’s email address.
Delete Member Option to completely delete the user from the list instead of just unsubscribing.