Last modified November 26, 2018 by Shelly Wolfe


Roost iconRoost is a web push notification delivery and management service that enables you to send highly targeted and relevant messages to your website users. The Roost Adaptor enables you to trigger browser-based push notifications from Swrve based on user actions within the website.

Supported actions

The Roost Adaptor supports the following outbound action:

  • Send a web push notification

Use cases

Web push notifications

Web push notifications enable your website users to opt-in to timely updates from your site and enable you to engage with users through customized, relevant content. Using the Roost adaptor, Swrve triggers a web push notification upon receipt of a selected Swrve event.

There are two main steps involved in triggering web push notifications via the Roost adaptor:

  1. Create a custom event in the Swrve SDK for the trigger you want to use to send a web push notification; for example, subscription_accepted.
  2. Create an Amplify rule that is triggered on receipt of the designated event and uses the Send Notification action to send the web push.
Roost does not send engagement events back to Swrve, so campaign metrics are only available in the Roost dashboard.

Adaptor configuration

Step 1: To access the configuration settings, on the Roost Adaptor card, select Configure.

Step 2: Complete the following fields as required:

Field Description
API Key Your Roost API key, which is located on the Roost dashboard under Settings > API Keys.
API Secret Your Roost API secret key, which is located on the Roost dashboard under Settings > API Keys.

Step 3: To save the configuration settings, select Save.

After you select Save, the status of the Adaptor changes to Active and the Deactivate button is available. If you Activate or Deactivate the adaptor at any time, the changes apply to both the outbound and inbound actions.

Rule configuration

This section describes the fields that are included when creating a new rule using the Send Notification action. For most fields, you have the option to manually enter the value or to select a user property from the list to have Swrve automatically populate the value when the rule is processed. For more information on rules, see Creating Amplify rules.

Send notification

Use the Send Notification action to trigger a web push notification that is sent from Roost. Complete the following fields to include the values required to send the web push.

Field Required / Optional Description
Alert Required The content of your notification that is displayed when the subscriber receives the notification alert.
URL Required The target URL that is associated with the notification.
Title Optional The title (top) text of the notification, which normally defaults to your site name. The title is limited to 25 characters.
Image URL Optional The URL of the image that is displayed with the notification and in the Bell notification center. (Note: Image is displayed only in the Bell notification center on Safari desktop.)
Aliases Optional Comma-separated list of user Aliases. If included, the notification is sent only to subscribers in the list.
Segments Optional Comma-separated list of Segments. If included, the notification is sent only to subscribers associated with one or more of the listed Segments.
Schedule For Optional Time in UTC that the notification is scheduled for delivery. Format should follow ISO8601 format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:SSZ.
For example: 2015-06-20T08:00:00Z.