Last modified January 22, 2019 by Shelly Wolfe

Intro to Swrve Amplify

Swrve Amplify is the data management extension for the Swrve platform. It enables you to import user data into Swrve from external data sources (for example, Web, CRM, point of sale). It also enables you to export information gathered by Swrve to external data services (for example, marketing clouds, email systems, data warehouses).

Developed as an open data layer, Swrve Amplify includes a powerful and flexible rules engine. It enables you to automate the flow of data from both internal and external sources to trigger actions in real-time with various marketing systems, including CRM, marketing cloud, attribution, analytics, email and more.


With this combination of data and rules engine, you can use Swrve Amplify to:

  • Automate your data management – Use the Advanced Rules engine to control the flow of data between Swrve and your third-party data applications.
  • Give contextual relevance to your Swrve campaigns – Use any contextually relevant information from external sources to improve the effectiveness of your Swrve campaigns. For example, change the messaging to a user in real-time, based on the weather in their location.
  • Trigger campaigns through email, SMS and other channels – Gain cross-channel insights into your users’ behaviors and then adapt your campaigns accordingly. For example, detect when a user is not opening your emails and respond with a mobile push notification campaign instead.
  • Provide a high degree of personalization – Use the data gathered by third-party systems to enrich your users’ profiles and preferences.

Data management

By means of Adaptors (connectors to external systems), Swrve Amplify enables you to activate and manage the configuration of your third-party integrations. Some Adaptors are available to all Swrve customers, while others are available as add-ons to your existing Swrve service.

For more information on how to manage your Adaptors, see Managing Adaptors. If you would like to add more integrations to your Swrve Amplify service, contact your CSM at

Advanced rules

The Advanced Rules engine enables you to define the workflow of how data is sent or received between your Adaptors and Swrve. You can use any information from a third-party system to trigger an action in Swrve or specify when to send data from Swrve to a third-party system. Depending on the type of integration, you can also specify the data you want to include in the external output; for example, email subject line, Reply To address and content.

amplify rules engine

For more information on managing rules, see Creating Amplify rules.

Swrve amplify apps

Swrve’s open platform approach enables external systems to seamlessly access Swrve’s core mobile engagement features. Using the Swrve Amplify framework, third-party marketing systems can be extended with mobile marketing features such as push notifications, in-app messaging, and so forth, by building apps or plugins that run on those platforms.

Salesforce Journey Builder

The Swrve Salesforce Journey Builder app is now live and available for all Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers. With this app, Salesforce users can now build rich, multi-channel customer lifecycle journeys embedded with mobile engagement actions. For more information, see Swrve Salesforce Journey Builder App.


Before you can use Swrve Amplify, complete the following:

  • Ensure your current Swrve contract gives access to all the required Adaptors. Swrve Amplify is available in three tiers of access: Free, Growth and Enterprise. Make sure your current contract supports the Adaptor you would like to have access to.
  • Get the API key or other access credentials for all the third-party services you would like to connect through Swrve Amplify. You need the API credentials to configure the Adaptor.

Next steps

  • Configure and manage your Adaptors. For more information, see Managing Adaptors.
  • Set up advanced rules to manage the flow of data between your Adaptors. For more informations, see Creating Amplify rules.