Last modified February 1, 2017 by Shelly Wolfe

Conversations Text Styling

Swrve Conversations now include support for using custom fonts, advanced text styling and setting page background color, enabling you to apply brand-specific styles to the text blocks in your Conversations campaigns.

Conversations text styling requires upgrading your app to Swrve SDK version 4.8 or later. Once you have upgraded your app to the new SDK, and released it to users, please notify your Customer Success Manager at to have the feature enabled on your Swrve dashboard.


  • Swrve SDK version 4.8 or later. Note that only customers using the version of your app running SDK 4.8 will be eligible to receive Conversations with custom text styling.
  • Custom fonts in OTF or TTF format. You can upload custom fonts on the Message Style Defaults screen. After you upload a font, it is available to use across all of your company apps. For more information, see Intro to Conversations.

Campaign Content

The Conversations campaign workflow has been updated and now consists of two main screens: Content and Target and Preview and test. To access the Conversation Templates and the content editor, on the Content and Target screen, under the Campaign Content section, click Add Content.

Conversations Text Styling

Text Editor

The Text editor now includes options to select custom fonts and to apply inline styles, such as font type, size and color, to a block of text. You can also set the text alignment, line height and padding. To access the Text editor, click the text box you want to edit and then click Settings ().

Text Editor

The Text editor includes the following formatting options:

  • Font: Select the font style, weight, size and color. For a style to be available in the list, you must first upload it on the Message Style Defaults screen. For more information on uploading custom fonts, see Intro to Conversations.
  • Alignment: Select the text alignment.
  • Line space: Set the space you would like to have above and below the text.
  • Padding: Set the space between the border of the text box and the text inside.

Inline Font Styles

It is also possible to apply basic styles (bold, italic) to individual selections of text within a text box. If you select the text you want to format, the inline style tool is displayed.

Inline Style

Button Text

Custom font options are also available for button text. Click the button text and then in the Controls dialog, select the Text Format tab. Use the available options to set the text font style and alignment.

Button Text

Page Background Color

It is now possible to customize the page background color of individual pages in your Conversation. To change the background color, click the Settings () icon next to the page, and in the Background field, enter the Hex value or click the color swatch to use the color picker tool.

Background Color

Target Audience, Campaign Goals and Scheduling

The steps for defining your target audience, setting message display triggers, selecting campaign goals, and testing and scheduling the Conversation have not changed. For details on these sections, see Creating Conversations.