Last modified August 10, 2018 by Helen Orr

Welcome to Swrve dashboard 3.0

Now it’s even easier to create and manage your campaigns. Swrve’s fresh, modern dashboard has all the rich features you expect from us but restructured to make it really easy to create, launch and manage your campaigns from start to finish.

Why not give it a try for yourself? Go to the user menu and select Opt in for Redesign. You can always go back to your previous dashboard by simply selecting Your account on the bottom left of the dashboard menu and clicking on Opt out of Redesign.

Redesign opt in

Why did we redesign it?

We listened to your feedback, in fact it was one of the key drivers to the whole redesign. It gave us the insight and impetus to intelligently group related items and centralize core functions. Our focus is to streamline your campaign management into a more efficient, productive experience.

What’s changed?

You can now expand or collapse the menu by clicking the divider line (see the video below) to provide more real estate for what matters most–your campaign content and analytics. To make things easier to find, each menu item in Swrve dashboard 3.0 now has its own icon.

collapse menu
dashboard icon Dashboard
campaigns icon Campaigns
optimization icon Optimization
analytics icon Analytics
manage icon Manage
settings icon Settings
help center icon Help center
account icon Your account

The biggest change is within the Campaigns menu–we’ve centralized everything you need to create, modify and manage campaign elements in a single place. The table below shows how the menu was organized in the old dashboard and how items are now streamlined in Swrve dashboard 3.0.

Dashboard cheat sheet

Swrve dashboard 2.0 Swrve dashboard 3.0
App Selector  – click the app icon to display the available apps
Dashboard Overview Dashboard
User Lifecycle User lifecycle
KPI Metrics KPI metrics
Campaigns Campaigns
Push Notifications
In-App Messages
Resource A/B Testing – moved to Optimization
Holdout Experiments – moved to Analytics
Download Campaigns – now a button option in the new Campaigns center CSV download iconDownload campaigns
Resource A/B testing
Amplify – removed
Adaptors – moved to Manage *request via CSM
Advanced rules – moved to Manage *request via CSM
Reports – now: ‘Analytics’ Analytics
KPI Reports – now: Trend reports Trend reports*request via CSM
User Acquisition User acquisition
User Cohorts User cohorts
User Attributes User attributes
Events – moved to Manage User DB downloads
Top items Top items
Item Charts – available if Trend reports enabled *request via CSM Funnels
Funnels User Holdout experiments
DB downloads – now: ‘User DB downloads’
Manage Manage
Segments Segments
Events Quick push audiences
Event Payload Configuration: *request via CSM Geofences
Quick Push Audiences Events
Event payload configuration *request via CSM
Resources – moved to Optimization App events
Adaptors *request via CSM
Advanced rules
Setup – now: ‘Settings’ Settings
App Settings App settings
Push Notifications Settings Push notifications settings
In-App Messages Settings – now: ‘IAM/Conversation display settings’ IAM/Conversation display settings
Report Settings Conversation style settings
Integration Progress – removed Report settings
Integration Settings Integration settings
QA Devices QA devices
Documentation – moved to Help center
User Menu Help center
User Settings – moved to Your account Documentation
Company Settings – moved to Your account
Company Usage Report – only available to company admin on the Admin settings screen Release notes
Admin Settings – moved to Your account Privacy policy
Release Notes – moved to Help center Your account
Privacy Policy – moved to Help center User settings
Legal – moved to Help center Company settings
Login – moved to Your account Admin settings
Some of the features described in this documentation may not be available to you (for example, Trend reports or Event payload configuration). If you would like to take advantage of these Swrve features please contact your Customer Success Manager at