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Intro to user databases

The architecture of the Swrve segmentation and analytics service results in the creation of internal user profiles. Taken together, these user profiles form a user database (User DB) which is used internally by Swrve for segmenting users.

Swrve enables you to download the User DB for the purpose of ad-hoc analysis. The User DB contains a raw data set of your app’s users. This article describes the data available.

The User DB includes data for users who have been active in the last 365 days. If a user has been inactive for more than 365 days and becomes active again, they are not counted as a new user, however their data is included in the User DB files again, along with all their historic information. For tips on how to include expired users details when merging User DB files with previous versions, see Automating user DB imports.

This information is available to download from the User DB Downloads screen in the Swrve dashboard. Alternatively, the User DB Export API call enables you to automate the download. For more information, see the Swrve Export API guide.

The data is formatted as CSV data that you can import into MySQL and Redshift databases. Smaller samples of the data are available in a CSV format that is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Tableau and other tools.

Available data sets

The rich data set provided by Swrve covers the following properties sets for each user:

Property Type Description File & table naming convention
Swrve User Properties Generic properties that Swrve records about all users, last active date, spend, minutes in app, device dimension. swrve_properties
Custom User Properties Any custom properties logged by your app. custom_properties
Swrve Events Any default Swrve events triggered and how often. swrve_events_fired
Custom Events Any custom events triggered and how often. events_fired
Segment Membership The segments of which they are currently members. segment_membership
Items Purchased The items they have purchased and how many of each. items_purchased
A/B Test Exposure The A/B tests to which they have been exposed and which variant or control they have been served. abtest_exposure
All Properties (User Sample only) A combined file containing all of the above properties for each user in the sample. swrve_fat_dataset

Once you import the data to your local database, you can run ad-hoc queries for data mining and reporting purposes.

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