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Swrve legal notices

Terms of Service

Swrve Online Terms of Service. Please read these Service Terms of service (“Service Terms”) carefully. They constitute a legally binding agreement and contain Service Terms limiting our liability to you, exclusions of certain warranties, and terms relating to our access and use of data collected and analyzed by the Swrve Service.

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Swrve Service Limits

The Swrve Service Limits refer to the overall limits of your use of the Swrve system.

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Privacy Policy

Swrve has drafted this Privacy Policy to explain how we use data you provide to us through this Website and how we use the data we collect when you use applications or play games which use the Swrve Service.

Your privacy is important to us. We have established this Privacy Policy to explain to you how your information is collected, protected, used and disclosed by us and through our Website and the Swrve Service.

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Swrve Platform Cookie Policy

Swrve has drafted this Cookie Policy to explain how we use cookies as part of the Swrve Platform.

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The Swrve application and Integration SDKs use Material Design icons by Google.  All brand icons are trademarks of their respective owners.

To view the current list of attributions for each SDK, select one of the links below:

Swrve Editions

Some of the features described in this documentation may not be available (for example, User Acquisition Reports, User Database downloads, Push Notification scheduling), depending on the terms and conditions of your Agreement with Swrve and the Swrve Edition to which you have subscribed. Please consult your terms of service for more information. If you would like to add a feature to your Swrve service, please contact your CSM at