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Push opt-in report (new!)

Encourage your users to enable push notifications in their mobile app to significantly boost engagement and increase the likelihood of conversions. Monitor annual and monthly opt-in rates to gain valuable insights into your push channel’s effectiveness, providing opportunities to increase user engagement and retention.

Native in-app messaging provides a direct call-to-action for acquiring push permissions through a button click. This guide shows you how to increase overall user opt-in rates by tracking progress on a weekly or monthly basis.

The new push notification opt-in report is currently part of our Early Access program. To have this feature enabled for your app, contact your CSM at

Rate calculation

The push notification opt-in rate refers to the percentage of users who enable push notifications from a mobile app. The opt-in rate is the ratio of users who have actively granted permission for the app to send them push notifications and the total number of users of the app who have a device that’s eligible to receive push notifications (for example, TV devices do not support receiving push notifications).

Opt-in rate = (total opt-in users / total users with a push-eligible device)*100

Report views

Push opt-in metrics provide a yearly and monthly view of users’ push permissions.

The screen shows an example of a push opt-in report. The top half displays totals for each 12 month period. The bottom half shows a monthly breakdown of the same metrics.

Yearly view

At the end of each month, a yearly push opt-in report is made available for review. The calculations for a yearly opt-in report leverage the users’ push permission settings from the current month, going back to the same date in the previous year. For example, a report generated at the end of October 2023, includes all of the data from October 31st 2022 to October 31st 2023.

The yearly section of the push opt-in report displays a breakdown of metrics for the number of users how have opted in and opted out of push notifications. It also gives a breakdown per platform.

Monthly view

The monthly view displays the opt-in metrics for the current month. You have the option to review and compare monthly figures using the integrated filtering option. At the end of a month, Swrve logs a new entry and it is available to select from the month filter list. All metric calculations occur on a daily basis for the current month.

The monthly view displays push opt-in metrics broken down by month. On the right side of the report, there is a filter icon you can click to view a list of the available months and add additional months to the view.

Monthly filtering

To filter the months displayed in the push opt-in report:

  1. In the Monthly view section, select filter.
  2. From the list, choose the required month(s).
  3. To remove a month from the view, deselect it from the list.

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