Last modified January 22, 2019 by Shelly Wolfe

What is the data source for the user attributes report?

The lifetime spend, lifetime minutes in app, and app version data on the User Attributes screen is calculated automatically for you by Swrve.

The other attributes (level, age, gender and location) must be supplied by your development team to Swrve during your Swrve integration process. All default user attributes included in the user event must be lower case (for example: “level”:10, “app_version”:1, “age”:28, “location”:”usa”, “gender”:”male”). No attribute data is displayed in the report if these attributes are capitalized.

Lifetime spend

The lifetime spend attribute represents the total amount of money spent by each user using Swrve’s IAP events. This value is reported in US dollars (USD). If the user performs buy-ins using any other currency than USD, the standard Swrve currency conversion to USD takes place.

Lifetime minutes in app

The lifetime minutes in app attribute represents the total number of minutes that the user has spent in the app. Swrve calculates the time spent in your application between session_start and session_end events.

App version

The app version attribute represents the most recent version of your app that each player has played. The app version is taken directly from the optional app_version parameter that can be sent to Swrve with any event using the Events API.

If you are using the Swrve iOS SDK, then the app version corresponds to the bundle version of your application. For more information, see the relevant Apple developer documentation.

Age, gender, location, and level

To include these user attributes in the report, you must supply them to Swrve using the User API. The following guidelines apply:

  • For age, Swrve expects a user attribute “age” (lower case) along with an integer value that represents the age of the user.
  • For gender, Swrve expects a user attribute “gender”, (lower case) along with the string value “male” or “female”.
  • For location, Swrve expects the “location” attribute (lower case) along with a string value that represents the city or country of the user.
  • Finally, most apps have some idea of level, or progress through the app, that is usually represented as an increasing integer from 1 to 50 or 100, for example. If your app has such a concept, send this value to Swrve with a user attribute “level” and an integer value.