How do I deeplink to social media pages?

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter provide URLs that make it very easy to post, tweet and share content from outside their platform. Swrve enables you to use these URLs in your in-app messages and Conversations to create effective social campaigns that make app-referring and content-sharing directly from your app a seamless experience. Facebook To encourage users to share Read More

Posted on May 23, 2019 by Shelly Wolfe
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Swrve is a multi-channel customer engagement platform that provides hyper-targeting and hyper-personalization in real-time to automate relevant moments of interaction that acquire, retain and monetize customers. The Swrve native Roku SDK enables your app to use all of these features on the Roku OTT platform. This guide contains all the information you need to integrate Read More

Targeting users by churn propensity

Target your users based on their risk of churning with Swrve’s new churn propensity feature. What are churn propensity scores? Swrve generates a score for each user who has not already churned from your app on a scale of 0 to 100 indicating how likely they are to churn within the next 30 days—that is, Read More

Does Swrve support single sign-on (SSO)?

Swrve has the framework available to support single sign-on (SSO) via SAML. If your internal system supports SAML and you would like to incorporate SSO into your Swrve service, contact your CSM at support@swrve.com. They will coordinate any custom configuration required. Logging into Swrve using SSO To log in to Swrve using SSO credentials, on Read More

How do I configure SDK device logging?

By default, the Swrve SDK performs native device logging on iOS (Console Logs), Android (Logcat) and Unity. If required, you can disable these logs. On Android, you can also change the default logging level. Additionally, the Swrve Unity SDK creates a small delay of approximately 14 milliseconds (ms) when logging. This is a not a big issue, Read More

Adding campaign content

Add customized, channel-specific content with Swrve’s new campaign workflow. Swrve’s streamlined campaign workflow gives you several options to set up, customize, and manage your campaigns. Email and SMS are the first channels to use this new workflow. Presently, there are no changes to how you add content to your push notification, in-app message, or Conversation Read More

How do I A/B test campaigns with a control group?

After creating a Resource A/B test with a control group, target the variants in your marketing campaigns. This enables you to compare the effectiveness of your campaign(s) against a true control group. How to include a control group in campaigns Step 1: In the Campaigns center, select Create campaign. Step 2: On the Choose your marketing channel screen, select In-app message as Read More

How do I A/B test localized push notifications?

If you use the Localize feature when creating your push notifications, you cannot A/B test the same campaign. However, you can split up your user base with Swrve’s A/B test Resources tool, and then use those segments in different localized push campaigns to A/B test different push notifications. How to create push notifications for each variant Step 1: In Read More

What are the causes of revenue disparity between Swrve and other services?

Review this article to identify causes for revenue disparity between Swrve and other services. You can identify many causes for revenue differences by comparing the details in the Swrve service with the revenue totals seen in your mobile app store. You can investigate many revenue differences by reviewing the data received for a specific device. Read More

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