How do I manage the Android service account key for push notifications?

To enable an app to send push notifications to Google Play devices, you require a Firebase Cloud Messaging service account key. There are three main steps involved in creating a service account key for your app and entering it in Swrve: Create or import a project in Google’s Firebase Developer Console and collect the app’s Read More

How do I configure target audiences for daily recurring push campaigns?

Learn how to configure the target audience of your daily recurring push campaigns using event recency criteria in our new campaign workflow for push notifications. We’ve redesigned our campaign workflow to be more consistent and streamlined across all channels. As we move each channel to the new flow, you might wonder what’s changed between the Read More

How do I target my audience using date user properties?

Target and track your audience based on the date and time of custom user properties with date-typed user properties. For example, target users who have an upcoming event, such as a flight or concert, or ask customers to leave a review a few days after an event, such as checking out of a hotel or Read More

Posted on May 17, 2023 by Shelly Wolfe
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Swrve is a multi-channel customer engagement platform that provides hyper-targeting and hyper-personalization in real-time to automate relevant moments of interaction that acquire, retain and monetize customers. The Swrve native Roku SDK enables your app to use all of these features on the Roku OTT platform. This guide contains all the information you need to integrate Read More

How do I capture device type and location?

The Swrve SDK automatically collects the following device attributes on iOS, Android, and Unity. Each attribute is sent as a user property and updated each time they start a new session. User attribute name Description Example values swrve.device_width The width in pixels of the device screen. 1125 swrve.device_height The height in pixels of the device Read More

How do I configure SDK device logging?

By default, the Swrve SDK performs native device logging on iOS (Console Logs), Android (Logcat) and Unity. If required, you can disable these logs. On Android and iOS, you can also change the default logging level. Additionally, the Swrve Unity SDK creates a small delay of approximately 14 milliseconds (ms) when logging. This is a not a Read More

Troubleshooting in-app messages

This article provides tips for troubleshooting common issues encountered with in-app messages. Expected behavior In-app messages are triggered by events. The in-app message workflow enables you to create an audience filter so that the message is only shown to a subset of users who trigger that event. For iOS and Android, in-app messaging is automatically integrated after you Read More

Email and SMS campaign content

Add customized, channel-specific content with Swrve’s new campaign workflow. Swrve’s streamlined campaign workflow gives you several options to set up, customize, and manage your campaigns. The new campaign workflow is now available for all campaign types except Conversations and geo-triggered notifications. This article covers adding content to an email or SMS campaign. For information about adding Read More

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