Last modified April 7, 2021 by Shelly Wolfe

What is the latency of data in Swrve?

Latency in Swrve depends on the type of data in question. The table below lists the approximate latency for different reporting data in Swrve.

Data type Relevancy Total latency in realtime mode
Segment membership A/B tests
Campaign audiences
Trend reports
Segments screen
Data written every 2 seconds
All KPIs Trend reports
KPI Metrics dashboard
A/B tests
Data written hourly
User cohorts User Cohorts report Data written hourly
User attributes User Attributes report Data written hourly
Items Trend reports
Top Items report
Item Charts report
Data written hourly
Event counts Events report
Trend reports
Campaign reports
A/B tests
Data written hourly
Funnels Funnels report
A/B tests
Data written hourly
A/B test results A/B tests Data written every 5-10 minutes (see below)
Campaign metrics Campaigns – summary card and detailed reports Data written every few minutes up to several hours (see below)

A/B test results

A/B test results are written every 5 to 10 minutes. However, note the following:

  • As conversion A/B tests are based on funnels, the data on which these A/B tests are based is written hourly.
  • As engagement tests depend on event and item sales KPIs, the data on which these A/B tests are based is written hourly.

For more information about Swrve analytics, see Intro to analytics.

Campaign report metrics

Campaign report metrics are a combination of several KPIs and campaign engagement results. Depending on the campaign channel, frequency, and delivery schedule, campaign report data may be written anywhere from a few minutes up to six or seven hours.

Viewing device event information

You can access debug event information for a particular device on the QA User Logging screen. To access device events, on the Settings menu, select QA devices and then select Logging  for the device in question.