Last modified November 2, 2018 by Shelly Wolfe

How do I configure how revenue is reported?

You can configure how revenue is reported on the Report Settings screen, in the Reporting Revenue section. On the Settings menu, select Report settings.

The Multiplier field defines the multiplier to be applied to the default currency (USD) for reporting revenue KPIs. The default value is 1.0. This means that every dollar sold is represented 1:1 in Swrve’s reports. For example, $100 of virtual currency purchased shows $100 of revenue. You can modify this multiplier to scale the revenue figures displayed in Swrve’s reports.

Changing the value in the Multiplier field only affects the revenue display and not the data that is captured in Swrve. You can change the value as many times as you want without affecting the data behind it. This multiplier does not change the values in segments; that is, the Spend filter on the Segment Management screen does not respect this multiplier.

The following sections provide examples of multiplier modifications.

Reporting revenue as profit

If you know that your app’s profit is 70% of every $1.00 sold, create a multiplier labelled Profit with a Multiplier value of 0.70. As a result, $100 of virtual currency purchased displays $70 of revenue.

Reporting revenue in Euros

If you want Swrve to report revenue in Euros, create a multiplier labelled EUR with a Multiplier that reflects the current USD to EUR exchange rate.

Reporting revenue net of tax

If you want Swrve to report revenue net of 20% tax, create a multiplier labelled Net with a Multiplier value of 0.80.