Last modified January 22, 2019 by Shelly Wolfe

How do I find out what makes users spend real money?

Finding out the items on which your users are spending real money can help you understand where to focus your promotions. Behavior may vary by segment so you’ll want to know whether your high rollers are spending money on the same items as your first time payers. You might also be wondering:

  • Are my top-selling items actually being purchased or being bought with real currency?
  • Is this item a driver for conversion (to paying)?
  • Are consumables or decorations driving spending?
  • Do higher or lower priced items cause conversion?

The Top Selling Items screen displays the top items by unit sales and by currency spent. You can view these items by segment, giving a better idea of what makes different types of users spend money. For more information about this screen, see Top Items report.