Last modified August 8, 2016 by Shelly Wolfe

What events do I use to track in-app sales?

Track item sales using IAP, purchase and custom events.

IAP events — sales for real money

Use the IAP event to track anything that can be bought for real world money in your app such as virtual currency bundles for a game, virtual items or unlocked functionality. Sending IAP events populates the Top Items report, Item Charts report and revenue KPIs in the Trend Reports and on the KPI Metrics dashboard.

Purchase events — sales for virtual currency

Send a purchase event to track virtual currency such as gold, coins or gems. Sending purchase events populates the Top Items and Item Charts reports. These are useful for quickly identifying which items are selling across your inventory. When instrumenting purchase information, specify one of your in-app currencies in the currency parameter.

Custom events — additional detail

Finally, to get even more detail, send a custom event with payload information. Sending custom events populates the Events report, which is useful for identifying how often a user is purchasing and, more importantly, why. Custom events also have some other advantages — they can be included in funnels to track user flow and can be used as segment criteria to identify a subset of users (for example, only users who purchased item X).

Migrating from the deprecated Swrve buy_in event to the IAP event

If your app was previously sending buy_in events, these are still supported by the Swrve server side. In most instances, it is straightforward to switch to using the new IAP event instead of the old buy_in event for the next release of your app and Swrve recommends that you do so. If you were previously sending a buy_in and a purchase event to track an in-app purchase, remove both and replace them with the new IAP event.

There are two cases where you must exercise particular caution:

  • You have a running A/B test with buy_in as a conversion event.
  • You have a running in-app messaging campaign with buy_in as a trigger event.

In these cases, Swrve recommends that you finish the A/B test or in-app messaging campaign before switching over.

After you make the switch, in the case of a client SDK integration, Swrve recommends that you do not start any new A/B tests or in-app messaging campaigns with IAP as a conversion or trigger event until uptake of the new version is significant.

For more information, see the Swrve Events API guide.