Android FAQ

How do I manage the Android service account key for push notifications?

To enable an app to send push notifications to Google Play devices, you require a Firebase Cloud Messaging service account key. There are three main steps involved in creating a service account key for your app and entering it in Swrve: Create or import a project in Google’s Firebase Developer Console and collect the app’s Read More

How do I include emojis in my campaigns?

Swrve supports the use of emojis in all push notification and Conversations campaigns. Emojis in push notification campaigns Push notification campaigns include an emoji picker directly in the notification content editor. To add an emoji to your notification content, on the Content screen of the workflow, select the emoji  icon and use the emoji dialog box to Read More

Should I use Advertising ID to identify users in my Android app?

No. You should not use Advertising ID to identify your users in Swrve. Why should I not use the Google Advertising ID? You should not use Advertising ID because it is resettable by the user. When users reset their Advertising ID they look like a new users to the Swrve system. This makes our segmentation, Read More

How do I send an ISO currency code on Android?

When you send an IAP event to Swrve, you must send a valid ISO currency code in the local_currency parameter. Swrve uses this currency code to convert the cost from the local currency to USD which is reported in the KPI Metrics dashboard. On Android, this is tricky because the OS doesn’t reliably report the Read More