Resource A/B testing

How Do I Get Resource A/B Test Information from the Swrve SDK?

It is now possible to get the resource A/B test and variant IDs directly from the Resource Manager in the Swrve SDK in real-time for use in your third-party reporting systems. To have this feature enabled for your app, contact your Customer Success Manager at, and then use the following code to get the resource Read More

What Happens If I Edit a Resource That Isn’t in an A/B Test?

Depending on how your engineering team integrated Swrve into your app, one of three things happens: If your app fetches data from Swrve’s get user resources endpoint, users of your app see the resource values the next time they launch your app. If your app fetches data from Swrve’s get user resources diff endpoint, users Read More

How Does Swrve Get Resource Information to an iOS Client?

There are a few patterns for getting Swrve resource data and A/B test data into your app running on iOS. Direct Client Query – All Resource Data One pattern for querying Swrve is to pull down the full resource list from the Swrve servers. Pulling down the full resource list means that any changes made Read More

How Does Swrve Handle Offline Users for A/B Tests?

A user must be online at least once after a test begins to receive new resource data from Swrve. Once this happens, they are placed in a test variant (if eligible) and the Swrve SDK uses the relevant resource attributes for that variant. Once you end an A/B test, the user must go online at Read More

Does Swrve Host Images and Assets for Resource A/B Tests?

Swrve does not host images or other assets. If you want to resource A/B test images or other assets in your app, you can create references to your images in Swrve and then A/B test the references. For example, for a web-based app, image URLs (with the images stored on CDNs) could be changed as Read More

Why Use a Bayesian Approach to A/B Testing?

Bayesian and Null Hypothesis Testing (sometimes call Frequentist) schools represent very different philosophies in statistics. For some background reading, these are good places to start: What is the difference between Bayesian and frequentist statistics? What is the difference between Bayesian and frequentist statisticians? Bayesian and frequentist reasoning in plain English Until June 2013, Swrve used Read More