How do I exclude optional iOS frameworks?

In Swrve iOS SDK version 4.2, we implemented the functionality to exclude certain iOS frameworks that weren’t relevant to your app, such as camera permissions or push notifications, using preprocessor macros that excluded the framework. In version 5.0, we changed the logic so that you needed to add the macros to include the related permissions Read More

How do I include emojis in my campaigns?

Swrve supports the use of emojis in all push notification and Conversations campaigns. Emojis in push notification campaigns Push notification campaigns include an emoji picker directly in the notification content editor. To add an emoji to your notification content, on the Content screen of the workflow, select the emoji  icon and use the emoji dialog box to Read More

How do I reset iOS permissions for push notifications?

Push notifications are sent to a device via the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) using a device token that is unique to each app and user. These tokens can change over time, so Apple recommends requesting the latest device token each time the app opens. This device token is then sent to Swrve and used Read More

How does Swrve get resource information to an iOS client?

There are a few patterns for getting Swrve resource data and A/B test data into your app running on iOS. Direct client query – all resource data One pattern for querying Swrve is to pull down the full resource list from the Swrve servers. Pulling down the full resource list means that any changes made Read More

Integrating the iOS SDK using Swift

In iOS, developers have the option to develop in either Objective-C, which supports most iOS versions, and Swift, which is becoming more widely used in iOS development. While the Swrve iOS SDK includes a number of Objective-C files, Apple has made it easy to use both Swift and Objective-C in the same project. Integrating the iOS SDK using Read More

Do Swrve SDKs use advertising identifier in iOS?

The Swrve SDK does not use the IDFA as of version 2.0.1. New submissions to the app store using older versions of the Swrve SDK may be rejected by Apple, so Swrve strongly recommends updating to the latest SDK. If you can’t upgrade to the latest Swrve SDK, follow the instructions below. If you upgrade Read More