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What’s New

Find out more about the latest Swrve product and feature releases.

June 2017

Web Push and SMS Notifications

Swrve Amplify now supports integrations with web push delivery provider Roost and cloud communications platform Twilio to enable you to send highly targeted and relevant messages to users via web push notifications or SMS. For more information, see the Roost and Twilio Adaptor pages.

Real Time Email Campaigns

Swrve Email campaigns work with your existing email providers to enable you to respond in real time to Swrve events with either of the following:

  • Trigger a templated, personalized email from your email provider to a specific user. For example, send a purchase receipt email after a customer completes a purchase.
  • Add or remove a specific user from an email list that is hosted by your email provider. For example, subscribe or unsubscribe a customer from a mailing list based on an in-app action.

Swrve supports the following email providers:

For more information, see Intro to Email Campaigns.

May 2017

Silent Push Notifications

Swrve now supports silent push notifications. Silent notifications enable you to update your app content in the background, and, if applicable, add a badge icon to notify the user about the app update. For more information, see Intro to Push Notifications and Creating Push Notifications.

April 2017

Campaign Holdout Experiments

Swrve’s Holdout Experiments enable you to automatically exclude a percentage of new users from new campaigns to compare the projected uplift in key metrics between users not exposed to marketing campaigns (holdout group) versus those who are (treatment group). For more information, see Campaign Holdout Experiments.

March 2017

Campaign CSV Downloads

Swrve’s new Download Campaign Reports screen enables you to build and download CSV files of your campaign reports. You can include any number of campaign types and states in your reports, for either a fixed or custom date range. For more information, see Downloading Campaign Reports.

February 2017

Conversations Text Styling

Swrve Conversations now include support for advanced text styling and custom fonts. It is now possible to upload custom fonts and styles in Swrve, and then use them in any text element in Conversations, in addition to independently adjusting text size, color, spacing, alignment and padding.

This feature enables you to match the Conversation copy much closer to your own brand design guidelines, particularly around custom fonts and styles for messaging. To use this feature, you must upgrade your app to Swrve SDK version 4.8. Once you have upgraded your app to the new SDK, and released it to users, please notify your Customer Success Manager at to have the feature enabled on your Swrve dashboard. For more information, see Conversations Text Styling.

Audience Builder Enhancements

Swrve’s audience builder now includes the option to create filters in Simple or Advanced mode, enabling you to create basic or advanced combinations of filters using AND/OR logic. This release enables you to create audiences that match either ALL or ANY of the specified filters. It also supports nested combinations of AND and OR filters. For more information, see About Audience Filters.

January 2017

Recurring Scheduled Push

It is now possible to schedule and send recurring push notifications to users who match an audience on a set day, without any dependency on the recency of an event or last session. This feature enables you to run automatic push campaigns that go out on a specific day of the week, or subset of days. For more information, see Creating Push Notifications.

Previous Releases

For more information about previous Swrve product releases, see Past Swrve Release Notes.

SDK Release Notes

To find out about the latest changes to the Swrve SDK, click the platform link below.

For more information about the features supported by Swrve’s SDK, see the SDK Feature Support Matrix.