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What’s new

Find out more about the latest Swrve product and feature releases.

December 2021

React Native SDK parity

Swrve’s latest React Native SDK now supports all the features and functionality supported by Swrve’s native SDKs, including: Embedded campaigns, user logout (stop tracking), and in-app message personalization and multiline text.

November 2021

Multiline text

Swrve’s in-app message campaigns now support multiline text elements. Add a text box with one or more lines of static and dynamic text to further personalize your in-app message campaigns and streamline your campaign creation process.

October 2021

Shopify connector

Swrve’s Shopify connector sends order, fulfillment, and payment events to Swrve, which you can use to trigger push notifications. Additionally, customers can use the connector to update customer’s contact data in Shopify upon receipt of a selected user action that is configured as a mobile event in Swrve.

September 2021

Multi-user batch API

Swrve’s multi-user batch API enables apps to notify Swrve of a vector of events, for one or more users. The use case for this API is sending events in bulk across multiple users, as distinct from the Batch events API, which sends multiple events for a single user.

August 2021

User lists

Swrve’s new user list system allows you to target static lists of users created in your external systems. Add users to a specific User list individually via API or in bulk via CSV, and then target that User list in a Swrve campaign. For example, upload a list of users who are eligible for a specific offer or who have participated in a contest, and then notify that list with a push notification. For more information, see User lists.

July 2021

Create push notification campaigns in bulk

Swrve’s campaign center now supports creating push notification campaigns in bulk. Prepare and upload a CSV with the details and content for one or more push notification campaigns, then create your draft campaigns with the click of a button. For more information, see Create campaigns in bulk.

Embedded campaign personalization

Embedded campaigns now support personalized values. Include custom user properties when configuring your campaign to inject dynamic content into your message. For more information, see Campaign personalization.

Localized Push via API campaigns

Swrve has introduced localization to Push via API campaigns where you can now define one campaign for any combination of languages and view the performance of the campaign per language. For more information, see Localizing campaign content.

June 2021

In-app message image personalization

In-app message campaigns now support personalized images. Add image URLs with custom user properties when configuring your campaign content to inject dynamic images into your message. This feature is perfect for promoting user-specific content such as show recommendations, favorite artists, coupons, and more. For more information, see Campaign personalization.

May 2021

Swrve Privacy API

Swrve now provides an API for customers to automatically channel GDPR and CCPA access and removal requests from their own internal systems. For more information, see the Swrve Privacy API guide.

April 2021

In-app message campaign workflow redesign

In-app message campaigns are now available in our streamlined, easy-to-use campaign workflow! Create in-app messages campaigns across all platforms, and take advantage of the following new or improved channel features:

  • improved localization setup
  • support for A/B testing localized campaigns
  • personalized single line text and call-to-actions
  • updated preview devices
  • a revamped QA testing experience

For more information about creating in-app campaigns using the new workflow, see In-app messages.

March 2021

Huawei Push Services

The Swrve Huawei-flavored Android SDK is now available publicly and supports the same push notification functionality available in our Firebase and Amazon-flavored SDKs. For more information, see the Android integration guide.

February 2021

Moveable Ink

Enhance and personalize your push notification campaigns with rich, dynamic content created in Movable Ink. For more information about our new integration and how to include Movable Ink content in your push notification and in-app message campaigns, see Movable Ink.

December 2020

Embedded campaigns

Embedded campaigns enable customers to create custom content in a text format and download that content to their app. The plain text format gives app developers the power to build tailored, native experiences, while still leveraging all the other features of in-app messaging such as targeting, triggering, A/B testing, localization, personalization, QA testing, and scheduling. For more information, see Introduction to app updates

mParticle connector updates

Swrve now offers support for initializing the SDK using AUTO Mode and setting the Swrve external_user_id in mParticle. The connector has extended its support for sending events to apps on Swrve’s EU stack. Finally, the connector also supports setting a custom identifier other than the mparticle_id as the swrve_user_id. For more information, contact your CSM at

Batch email support with Mailjet

Swrve’s new campaign workflow now supports creating one-time and recurring batch emails using Mailjet. Leverage all the same targeting, personalization, localization, and A/B testing by creating emails in Swrve and use an existing Mailjet account to handle email delivery. For more information, see Adding campaign content and Scheduling your batch campaigns.

October 2020

In-app messaging single platform delivery

The in-app messaging workflow now supports delivery constraints on platform selection and device type (mobile vs. TV). This capability ensures to appropriate in-app message content is delivered to the chosen platform and TV or mobile device. For more information, see Creating in-app messages.

August 2020

Campaign retargeting for push notifications

Swrve’s audience builder now supports targeting users based on exposure to and interactions with push notifications. Create audience filters based on push notification events, including sent, delivered, influenced, engaged, and clicked button. Base your audience filters on a specific campaign’s push notifications or any push notification sent through Swrve. For more information, see Targeting your audience by push notification events and Intro to campaign retargeting.

Campaign tagging

To help you organize your campaigns in Swrve, we’re excited to introduce campaign tagging. Create and manage a custom set of tags, and apply them as you set up your campaigns. Then use the tags to quickly filter and customize your Campaigns center view. For more information, see Campaign tagging.

July 2020

React Native SDK plugin

The Swrve React Native SDK plugin is now available publicly and supports the same features that are available in our native iOS and Android SDKs. For more information, see the React Native integration guide.

June 2020

Swrve Geo SDK add-on

Device location is classified as personal and sensitive user data subject to the personal and sensitive data policies from the Google Play and Apple App Store. Swrve has introduced its own Geo SDK add-on that complies with these policies and restrictions while still offering the same rich targeting, triggering, throttling, and geoplace management. For more information adding geo to your native SDK integration, see the SDK Geo Add-on integration guide. To learn how to set up a new campaign using the add-on, see Creating geo triggered push campaigns.

May 2020

Roku SDK updates

Swrve has re-engineered our initial Roku SDK offering to ease the app integration process, improve the integration hygiene, and increase the performance of message rendering. For upgrade and integration instructions, see the Roku SDK upgrade guide.

April 2020

New integration with Qminder

During this global COVID-19 crisis many customers require some logistical assistance when providing services to their users. Swrve introduces a new integration with Qminder, a smart queue management system, enabling our customers to keep their users safe using a connected digital experience. For more information, see the Qminder integration guide.

March 2020

Data export

We have augmented our raw events logs with push “Delivered” events from our latest SDKs, and push “Sent” events from our servers. These are invaluable for understanding the push conversion funnel for each user. We have also provided an easy way to download campaign metadata via API or the dashboard, to facilitate mapping raw campaign events to the campaigns as configured in the Swrve dashboard. For more information, see the Campaign metadata section of the Swrve export API guide.

February 2020

In-app messaging localization

Swrve has introduced localization to in-app messaging where you can now define one campaign for any combination of languages and view the performance of the campaign per language. For more information, see Localizing campaign content.

January 2020

Campaign workflow redesign

Create push notifications across all platforms using our easy-to-use campaign workflow. Improved A/B testing and localization setup and QA testing. We have also included A/B testing localized campaigns. For more information, see Creating a multi-platform push campaign.

Improved reporting

There are a number of recent improvements to how Swrve presents and exports campaign metrics and data. We have introduced a new reporting page for push notifications that includes a metrics explorer with hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly timelines of key metrics.

Previous releases

For more information about previous Swrve product releases, see Past Swrve release notes.

SDK release notes

To find out about the latest changes to the Swrve SDK, click the platform link below.

For more information about the features supported by Swrve’s SDK, see the SDK Feature Support Matrix.