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What’s new

Find out more about the latest Swrve product and feature releases.

December  2022

In-app messages: Dynamic elements

Dynamically manage the buttons, text boxes, or images you include in your in-app message content with our new in-app message elements. Add as many buttons, text, or text buttons as you need directly in the content editor without having to change the base template. Create your own custom element labels, duplicate the type and content of an element, or remove elements from your in-app campaign content with the editing options available. For more information, see In-app messages.

November  2022

In-app messages: Send event and update user property

Send a custom event and update the value of user property when a user engages with an in-app message campaign. Use the additional data points to collect user feedback, record user preferences, and retarget users based on their interactions with specific buttons. For more information, see In-app messages.

User property management

We’ve revamped the real-time user property configuration page to give you full control over the custom user properties tracked in your Swrve app. Create, archive, and configure user properties for realtime personalization through the Manage user properties page. For more information, see Manage user properties.

Android 13 support (Unity)

Swrve’s Unity SDK 9.0.0 allows you to delay the notification permission request prompt and tracks additional properties and events relating to users’ notification permission status. For more information, see Push notification permissions.

October  2022

Android 13 support

Users must actively grant permission for an app to display notifications on their device with the release of Android 13. Swrve’s Android SDK 10.4.0 adds support for delaying the permission request prompt, allowing developers to trigger the request when suitable. Additionally, Swrve’s push campaign audience estimations and targeting now take users’ notification permission status into account, increasing campaign report accuracy. For more information, see Push notification permissions.

September 2022

Contains operator support for in-app and embedded campaign triggering

We’ve added a contains operator for setting payload conditions when displaying an in-app message or embedded campaign that includes a specified string or substring as the payload value. For example, only display the message when a user searches for a keyword, such as upgrade. Combine payload conditions using the OR operator to include equivalent search terms, such as bundle or plan. For more information on using the contains operator to trigger an in-app or embedded campaign, see Scheduling your campaigns.

August 2022

Localized message center details

If you serve your in-app campaigns to a message center, we now support localizing and A/B testing specific campaign details directly in the campaign editor, such as the subject, description, and thumbnail image URL. For more information, In-app messages – Message center.

Additionally, we’ve added several new properties to the Swrve Campaign object in the Message Center API that give you different options for sorting the campaigns in your app. For example, sort your campaigns by time they were downloaded to the device, priority over other message center campaigns, or campaign end date. For more information, see Swrve Message Center API.

Create campaigns via CSV – now available for Push via API

We’ve added a small enhancement to our push campaign bulk upload to support creating and activating transactional, or Push via API, campaigns. Prepare and upload a CSV with the details and content for one or more campaigns, and specify whether to immediately activate the campaigns or save as a draft. For more information, see Create campaigns in bulk.

Singular integration

Forward re-engagement, revenue, and custom events to Swrve from Singular’s attribution service. Use the attribution events in Swrve campaigns to target users based on the attribution campaigns they’ve interacted with and their post install and re-engagement behavior. For more information about configuring your Swrve integration in Singular, see Swrve Attribution Integration.

July 2022

In-app messages updates

Animated GIF support

Include a video or animated image using GIF format to help drive engagement through your in-app message campaigns. Apply GIFs as your message’s background, as a layer of content, or in a button to help drive calls to action, and personalize your GIFs with user properties to create unique experiences for each user. For more information on using animated GIFs, see In-app messages.

Campaign holdouts

Measure the impact of your in-app message campaigns by comparing key metrics between users who see the message versus those who don’t. For more information, see Campaign holdouts.

Triggered push campaigns

Send push notifications to users minutes or hours after they take a specific action, with Swrve’s new triggered push campaigns. Include cancellation criteria, to avoid sending the push if the user already takes the desired action. Additionally, drive engagement by personalizing the notification with details about the user action, for example, the name and picture of the item they added to their cart but didn’t purchase. For more information about Triggered push campaigns, see Triggered push notifications.

June 2022

Tags API

Use our new Tags API to get the full list of campaign tags for your app and then apply relevant tags to any campaign you create through Swrve’s Experience APIs. For more information on creating and managing tags, see Campaign tagging.

Slack integration

Connect your Slack workspace to your Swrve app to receive updates about campaign-related activity in a designated Slack channel. This is especially useful for marketers and developers who use Swrve’s Experience APIs to create and manage campaigns programmatically. For more information about connecting your Slack workspace, see Swrve Slack integration.

Token-based authentication – APNs

Swrve now supports using token-based authentication to communicate with Apple’s Push Notification service (APNs). Use a single token to distribute notifications for all of your company’s apps, across both Sandbox and Production environments, without having to upload a new push certificate each year. For more information on using authentication tokens, see Managing APNs keys and certificates.

May 2022

In-app Pages

Design multi-step flows for users within a single in-app message campaign with Swrve’s new in-app Pages! Easily build and edit up to 10 screens of interactive, customizable walkthroughs in a scrollable carousel format, or link specific actions to additional pages for a more tailored flow or experience. For more information about adding Pages to your in-app campaigns, see In-app messages.

In-app message accessibility

Make your in-app campaigns fully accessible by adding static or dynamic alt text values to be read aloud when a user selects image elements. For more information about including alt text in your in-app messages, see In-app messages.

Saved audiences

Save your audience definitions for reuse in other campaigns, whether directly in Swrve or with our new Experience APIs. Use the new saved audience management page to create and manage your audiences outside of the campaign workflow. For more information about how to create saved audiences for reuse in your campaigns, see Targeting campaign audiences. For information about using them with our Experience APIs, see Retrieve and target saved audiences.

Embedded campaigns API

Create and activate embedded campaigns programmatically with Swrve’s new embedded campaign API. As with our in-app message API, the embedded API supports defining all aspects of your campaign, including the audience, schedule, and trigger criteria, in a single request. For more information, see Create an embedded message campaign.

OR support for in-app trigger conditions

Set the payload conditions to match one of several criteria when displaying an in-app message or embedded campaign with a user behavior trigger. For example, only display the message when a user searches for one of several keywords within your app. For more information on using OR conditions to trigger an in-app or embedded campaign, see Scheduling your campaigns.

April 2022

Salesforce Pro Mobile

If you already use our Salesforce connector to trigger Swrve push notifications or in-app messages in Journey Builder, we recently updated the connector to support creating the Swrve campaign directly in the Journeys Dashboard. Build any end-to-end journey without the burden of switching between applications to predefine your push or in-app experience. For more information, see our Salesforce Journey Builder connector page or contact your CSM at

Campaign holdouts

Measure the impact of your campaigns by comparing key metrics between users who are exposed to a specific campaign versus those who aren’t, with Swrve’s new campaign-level holdout groups. For more information, see Campaign holdouts.

March 2022

Swrve developer portal

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new dedicated developer portal! Learn how to leverage the power of Swrve to programatically create customer experiences that are highly personal, contextual, and relevant. Use our recently expanded suite of APIs to create and manage your Swrve audiences, campaigns, reports, and more. For more information, visit

February 2022

Custom text styling

Swrve’s in-app message campaigns now support custom fonts and text styling. Create a new custom text style while designing your campaign or create global text styles in advance to reuse across multiple campaigns. For more information on how to configure your global text styles, see Intro to in-app messages. For information on using custom text styles in your campaigns, see In-app messages.

January 2022

Push API data templates

We’ve added a new optional data template parameter to the Swrve Push API request body. Use this parameter to define a message template for your Push via API campaigns and then dynamically inject values from your own internal system to replace the template keys with personalized content. For more information, see the Push API guide.

December 2021

React Native SDK parity

Swrve’s latest React Native SDK now supports all the features and functionality supported by Swrve’s native SDKs, including: embedded campaigns, user logout (stop tracking), and in-app message personalization and multiline text. For more information, see the React Native SDK integration guide.

November 2021

Multiline text

Swrve’s in-app message campaigns now support multiline text elements. Add a text box with one or more lines of static and dynamic text to further personalize your in-app message campaigns and streamline your campaign creation process. For more information, see In-app messages.

October 2021

Shopify connector

Swrve’s Shopify connector sends order, fulfillment, and payment events to Swrve, which you can use to trigger push notifications. Additionally, use the connector to update customer’s contact data in Shopify upon receipt of a selected user action that is configured as a mobile event in Swrve. For more information, see our Shopify connector page.

September 2021

Multi-user batch API

Notify Swrve of a vector of events, for one or more users, with our new multi-user batch API. The use case for this API is sending events in bulk across multiple users, as distinct from the Batch events API, which sends multiple events for a single user. For more information, see the Events API guide.

August 2021

User lists

Swrve’s new user list system allows you to target static lists of users created in your external systems. Add users to a specific User list individually via API or in bulk via CSV, and then target that User list in a Swrve campaign. For example, upload a list of users who are eligible for a specific offer or who have participated in a contest, and then notify that list with a push notification. For more information, see User lists.

July 2021

Create push notification campaigns in bulk

Swrve’s campaign center now supports creating push notification campaigns in bulk. Prepare and upload a CSV with the details and content for one or more push notification campaigns, then create your draft campaigns with the click of a button. For more information, see Create campaigns in bulk.

Embedded campaign personalization

Embedded campaigns now support personalized values. Include custom user properties when configuring your campaign to inject dynamic content into your message. For more information, see Campaign personalization.

Localized Push via API campaigns

Swrve has introduced localization to Push via API campaigns where you can now define one campaign for any combination of languages and view the performance of the campaign per language. For more information, see Localizing campaign content.

June 2021

In-app message image personalization

In-app message campaigns now support personalized images. Add image URLs with custom user properties when configuring your campaign content to inject dynamic images into your message. This feature is perfect for promoting user-specific content such as show recommendations, favorite artists, coupons, and more. For more information, see Campaign personalization.

May 2021

Swrve Privacy API

Swrve now provides an API for customers to automatically channel GDPR and CCPA access and removal requests from their own internal systems. For more information, see the Swrve Privacy API guide.

April 2021

In-app message campaign workflow redesign

In-app message campaigns are now available in our streamlined, easy-to-use campaign workflow! Create in-app messages campaigns across all platforms, and take advantage of the following new or improved channel features:

  • improved localization setup
  • support for A/B testing localized campaigns
  • personalized single line text and call-to-actions
  • updated preview devices
  • a revamped QA testing experience

For more information about creating in-app campaigns using the new workflow, see In-app messages.

March 2021

Huawei Push Services

The Swrve Huawei-flavored Android SDK is now available publicly and supports the same push notification functionality available in our Firebase and Amazon-flavored SDKs. For more information, see the Android integration guide.

February 2021

Moveable Ink

Enhance and personalize your push notification campaigns with rich, dynamic content created in Movable Ink. For more information about our new integration and how to include Movable Ink content in your push notification and in-app message campaigns, see Movable Ink.

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