Basic integration

What functionality is available with basic and advanced integration of Swrve?

Simply integrating the Swrve SDK and enabling push notifications enables you to track important metrics and run several effective campaigns, while advanced integration provides more in-depth tracking and additional campaigns. This article takes you through the various levels of integration, and lists the metrics and campaigns made possible by each. For developer information on how to complete basic and advanced integration, Read More

Marketing and analytics with basic integration

Track important user metrics and run several effective campaigns simply by integrating the Swrve SDK and enabling push notifications. These tasks can be completed by a single engineer in less than a day, and allow your marketing team to do the rest. Launch a variety of effective campaigns Push notifications Nurturing – Remind new and evaluating users that Read More

How do I migrate from Google Cloud Messaging to Firebase?

As of Android SDK version 4.11, Swrve supports Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and as of version 6.0, we have completely removed support for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). If you are integrating the Swrve SDK into a new app and want to use FCM, follow the steps outlined in the Android Integration guide. If you are Read More