Last modified January 21, 2019 by Shelly Wolfe

How do I send an ISO currency code on Android?

When you send an IAP event to Swrve, you must send a valid ISO currency code in the local_currency parameter. Swrve uses this currency code to convert the cost from the local currency to USD which is reported in the KPI Metrics dashboard.

On Android, this is tricky because the OS doesn’t reliably report the ISO code of the transaction. This is well documented in a feature request with Google and is covered widely in this stack overflow article. UPDATE: Google has now included documentation on their ISO code and true cost fields here.

To mitigate the issue we recommend you try two things:

  1. Check for the price_currency_code and price_amount_micros fields in the Google transaction response.
  2. Send the ISO code of the device’s local as the currency code of the transactions.