Last modified May 27, 2020 by David Breen

How do I include emojis in my campaigns?

Swrve supports the use of emojis in all push notification and Conversations campaigns.

Emojis in push notification campaigns

Push notification campaigns include an emoji picker directly in the notification content editor. To add an emoji to your notification content, on the Content screen of the workflow, select the emoji  icon and use the emoji dialog box to insert an emoji into the message.

Push notification content screen with emoji dialog

The emojis available in the dialog box should display on a wide range of devices, however depending on the device’s operating system (OS) and version, some emoji may not be supported on certain target devices (particularly older Android devices). Note that emoji is only supported on Android version 4.3+ and iOS version 6.0+.

If you want to use an emoji that is not included in the emoji dialog, you can copy and paste the emoji directly from another source. For example, on a Mac running OS X Mavericks or later, select Ctrl + Cmd + Space bar to access the Characters keyboard. Or copy and paste the emoji from an external site such as

The emoji displayed in the device preview may not match exactly what is displayed on the target device, as different OS’s have different styles for rendering the same emoji.

Emoji styles by platform

Emojis in Conversations

The Conversations editor does not currently include an emoji dialog, however you can copy and paste an emoji into any text box, including buttons, using the method described above. Emoji characters are rendered using the native OS font or style, and may not render on older Android devices.

Including emoji in Conversation elements

Other campaign types

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

If you include Swrve push notifications in your Journey Builder campaigns, copy and paste the emoji directly into the notification content. Do not use the unicode (for example, Unicode: U+1F642, UTF-8: F0 9F 99 82), as when Swrve triggers the associated campaign rule, the unicode is not parsed correctly.