Last modified August 28, 2019 by Shelly Wolfe

How do I prepare for iOS 13?

Apple is planning to release iOS 13 and Xcode 11 in early autumn. Due to changes in an internal Apple API, there is some impact on how the Swrve iOS SDK decodes Apple push notification tokens. We’ve prepared this short guide to help you ensure your customers are not affected by this issue.

The API changes do not affect existing users of your app for whom you already have a valid push token. However, for new users of your app running iOS 13, the Swrve SDK will not be able to correctly decode the push token. We fixed this issue in version 6.1.3 of the iOS SDK and highly recommend you upgrade to the current iOS SDK before making any updates to your app using Xcode 11. In addition to fixing the token decoding issue, the current iOS SDK gives you access to our latest features and functionality, such as user identity, geo-triggered notifications, geo targeting, and Apple’s provisional authorization for push notifications.

For detailed instructions on how to upgrade to the current Swrve iOS SDK, see the iOS SDK release notes, iOS SDK upgrade guide, and iOS integration guide.

If you’re not in a position to upgrade to version 6.0+ of the Swrve iOS SDK at this time, we’ve released a fix for version 5.0+ SDKs that works with Xcode 11 and is easier to upgrade to. For more information, see the iOS SDK release notes.

Our Unity SDK is not affected by the iOS 13 changes.