Adding campaign content

Add customized, channel-specific content with Swrve’s new campaign workflow. Swrve’s streamlined campaign workflow gives you several options to set up, customize, and manage your campaigns. Email and SMS are the first channels to use this new workflow. Presently, there are no changes to how you add content to your push notification, in-app message, or Conversation Read More

How do I A/B test campaigns with a control group?

After creating a Resource A/B test with a control group, target the variants in your marketing campaigns. This enables you to compare the effectiveness of your campaign(s) against a true control group. How to include a control group in campaigns Step 1: In the Campaigns center, select Create campaign. Step 2: On the Choose your marketing channel screen, select In-app message as Read More

How do I A/B test localized push notifications?

If you use the Localize feature when creating your push notifications, you cannot A/B test the same campaign. However, you can split up your user base with Swrve’s A/B test Resources tool, and then use those segments in different localized push campaigns to A/B test different push notifications. How to create push notifications for each variant Step 1: In Read More

What are the causes of revenue disparity between Swrve and other services?

Review this article to identify causes for revenue disparity between Swrve and other services. You can identify many causes for revenue differences by comparing the details in the Swrve service with the revenue totals seen in your mobile app store. You can investigate many revenue differences by reviewing the data received for a specific device. Read More

How do I A/B test in-app message location?

After splitting up your user base with Swrve’s A/B Resources tool, you can use those segments in different campaigns to determine where your in-app message is most effective. How to create in-app messages for A/B test variants Step 1: In the Campaigns center, select Create campaign. Step 2: On the Choose your marketing channel screen, select In-app message as your campaign channel, Read More

How do I configure custom gameplay events?

This article provides an example of custom gameplay events. This example tracks the enemies that are killing game players. Send a custom event called Gameplay.Player.Death with an Enemy payload containing the class of enemy who killed the player. On iOS, this looks like the following:

Make sure you don’t send the enemy’s name (for Read More

How do I set up a resource A/B test to split up my user base?

Marketers can employ the A/B test Resources tool to split their user group in half (or thirds, quarters, and so forth), and use those segments in different campaigns. These steps will allow you to A/B test separate campaigns while ensuring that users are not being exposed to more than one. There are three main steps involved in splitting Read More

How do I display an in-app message only once per user?

In the Swrve SDKs, message display rules for an in-app message campaign work as expected under normal circumstances. However, there are some scenarios where a small number of users may see a campaign more than once. The SDK stores the in-app message display rules in a cache file on the user’s device. Some reasons why Read More

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