Analytics FAQ

Targeting users by churn propensity

Target your users based on their risk of churning with Swrve’s new churn propensity feature. What are churn propensity scores? Swrve generates a score for each user who has not already churned from your app on a scale of 0 to 100 indicating how likely they are to churn within the next 30 days—that is, Read More

Adding campaign content

Add customized, channel-specific content with Swrve’s new campaign workflow. Swrve’s streamlined campaign workflow gives you several options to set up, customize, and manage your campaigns. Email and SMS are the first channels to use this new workflow. Presently, there are no changes to how you add content to your push notification, in-app message, or Conversation Read More

What are the causes of revenue disparity between Swrve and other services?

Review this article to identify causes for revenue disparity between Swrve and other services. You can identify many causes for revenue differences by comparing the details in the Swrve service with the revenue totals seen in your mobile app store. You can investigate many revenue differences by reviewing the data received for a specific device. Read More

What is the latency of data in Swrve?

Latency in Swrve depends on the type of data in question. The table below lists the approximate latency for different reporting data in Swrve. Data type Relevancy Total latency in realtime mode Segment membership A/B tests Campaign audiences Trend reports Segments screen Data written every 2 seconds Day 1/3/5/7 Retention KPIs Trend reports KPI Metrics Read More

Can I still use Swrve if I’m already using another analytics provider?

Yes. You can use Swrve for the following purposes: Use Swrve for A/B testing only. Use a combination of Swrve and another service for analytics. Use Swrve as your only source of analytics and A/B testing. Of course, you should be aware of the bandwidth and battery costs of sending an event stream to multiple analytics Read More

How do I find out what makes users spend real money?

Finding out the items on which your users are spending real money can help you understand where to focus your promotions. Behavior may vary by segment so you’ll want to know whether your high rollers are spending money on the same items as your first time payers. You might also be wondering: Are my top-selling Read More

What is the data source for the user attributes report?

The lifetime spend, lifetime minutes in app, and app version data on the User Attributes screen is calculated automatically for you by Swrve. The other attributes (level, age, gender and location) must be supplied by your development team to Swrve during your Swrve integration process. All default user attributes included in the user event must be Read More

How does Swrve calculate new user counts?

This article covers frequently asked questions about new user counts. What does Swrve consider a new user? Swrve calculates new users by taking all of the event data for a given day and counting those users who were not already active. Swrve also calculates new users on an hourly and monthly basis, available via the Swrve Export API. Read More

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