Analytics FAQ

How do I configure how revenue is reported?

You can configure how revenue is reported on the Report Settings screen, in the Reporting Revenue section. On the Settings menu, select Report settings. The Multiplier field defines the multiplier to be applied to the default currency (USD) for reporting revenue KPIs. The default value is 1.0. This means that every dollar sold is represented 1:1 in Read More

How do I find out if my economy is balanced?

Use the currency-based KPIs to identify whether users have too much (sources) or too little (sinks) virtual currency. With too much virtual currency on their hands, users don’t buy enough currency. With too little currency, they get needlessly frustrated. Currency-based KPIs track how much virtual currency is being purchased, given (by the app), and spent Read More

How do I track revenue?

Revenue tracking enables you to answer the following questions: How much money did I make today? How many users generated that revenue? How many of those users were first-time payers? Tracking revenue To track revenue, create a Trend Report that includes the following revenue tracking KPIs: $ Revenue Daily Paying Users Conversions Average Revenue per User Read More

How do I calculate Lifetime Value (LTV)?

Lifetime Value (LTV) refers to the long-term value of your app users. LTV is a complex topic that has a number of components and different organizations have a variety of ideas about how to interpret the LTV of their users. This article provides information about how Swrve can help you to calculate your LTV. Average LTV Read More

What are the causes of revenue disparity between Swrve and other services?

Review this article to identify causes for revenue disparity between Swrve and other services. You can identify many causes for revenue differences by comparing the details in the Swrve service with the revenue totals seen in your mobile app store. You can investigate many revenue differences by reviewing the data received for a specific device. Read More

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