Analytics FAQ

What is the data source for the user attributes report?

The lifetime spend, lifetime minutes in app, and app version data on the User Attributes screen is calculated automatically for you by Swrve. The other attributes (level, age, gender and location) must be supplied by your development team to Swrve during your Swrve integration process. All default user attributes included in the user event must be Read More

What is the Latency of Data in Swrve?

Latency in Swrve depends on the type of data in question. The table below lists the approximate latency for different reporting data in Swrve. Data Type Relevancy Total Latency in Realtime Mode Segment membership A/B tests Messaging KPI Charts screen Segments screen Data written every 2 seconds. Day 1/3/5/7 Retention KPIs KPI Charts screen KPI Read More

What Are the Causes of Revenue Disparity between Swrve and Other Services?

Review this article to identify causes for revenue disparity between Swrve and other services. You can identify many causes for revenue differences by comparing the details in the Swrve service with the revenue totals seen in your mobile app store. You can investigate many revenue differences by reviewing the data received for a specific device. Read More

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