Last modified April 6, 2021 by John Mcgrath

How do I A/B test in-app message location?

After splitting up your user base with Swrve’s A/B Resources tool, you can use those segments in different campaigns to determine where your in-app message is most effective.

Create an in-app message to target A/B test variants

Step 1: In the Campaigns center, select Create campaign.

Step 2: On the Choose your marketing channel screen, select In-app message as your campaign channel, then select Continue.

Step 3: Complete the Overview and Content sections of the in-app message workflow (for more information, see Creating in-app messages).

Step 4: On the Audience screen, select Custom Audience and then define the following values:

  • Under User Profile Filters, select Resource Tests.
  • Select the test from the list of available resource A/B tests.
  • In the next list, select have been exposed to.
  • Select one of the two variants you created (for example, Activities Page).
  • To add the audience filter, select Apply filter.

In the User Profile Filters section of the audience builder, select the Resource Tests tab, and then select the test and variant you want to target.

Step 5: On the Schedule & display screen, select the event you want to use to trigger the in-app message (for example, menu.main).

Set message display triggers

Step 6: On the Goals screen, select any additional campaign goals you want to track.

Step 7: Schedule or activate the campaign as required.

Step 8: Create and activate another in-app message campaign. Follow the same steps, but this time use the variant you didn’t use in Step 4 (for example, Messages Page), and set the display trigger to the appropriate event/location (messages_page_open).

Step 9: After users have had a chance to engage with the app, return to the Resource A/B Testing screen and select the A/B test you created to compare how each of the variants are performing.

Message location test details