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Campaign tagging

Create and manage your own custom set of tags and use them to visually organize and filter your campaigns with Swrve’s Campaign tagging.

Tags are a quick and easy way to organize your campaigns. Use the Tags manager to create or edit an agreed upon set of tags and then apply them to your campaigns during or after campaign setup.

Manage your campaign tags

To view and manage your campaign tags, on the Manage menu, select Tags. The Tags screen is available to all users, however we recommend you first agree on a schema with your team regarding your tagging needs and color coding. The number of campaigns using each tag will indicate the most popular or unused tags.

Manage Tags screen showing tag labels and number of campaigns using each tag

Create a new tag

  1. On the Tags screen, select Create Tag.
  2. In the Create Tag dialog box, enter the Name and select a color for the tag.
    Create Tag dialog where you enter tag name and select a color
  3. To add the tag, select Submit.

The tag displays in the list and is immediately available to all users when creating and managing your campaigns.

Add tags to your campaigns

There are two options to add tags to a campaign:

  • For campaign channels that use the Campaign builder, as part of the campaign workflow when you create a new campaign.
  • For campaigns in draft state, from the Actions menu on the campaign card.

Add tags to a new campaign

If you’re creating a campaign that uses the Campaign builder consolidated workflow (all channels except Conversations and geo-triggered push), you have the option to add tags when you create a new campaign.

  1. Create a new campaign and select one of the supported channels.
  2. On the Campaign overview screen, enter the Campaign name and Description as required.
  3. Select the Tags list, and then select one or more tags to apply to the campaign.
    Campaign overview screen with tags added
  4. To save the campaign and proceed to the Campaign builder, select Save.

The selected tags display on the Overview block of the Campaign builder. To edit the list of tags, select edit and then add or remove tags as required.

Campaign builder Overview block with tags

Add tags to draft campaigns

Use this option to add or remove tags to any campaign in draft state, including Conversations and geo-triggered push.

  1. On the campaign card for the draft campaign, select Actions , then Edit tags.
    Campaign action options on Campaign Index page
  2. In the Manage Tags dialog box, select the list to add tags to the campaign, or select X on a tag label to remove it.
    Manage tags dialog
  3. To apply the tags to the draft campaign, select Submit.

Depending on the width of your screen, the campaign card displays the applied tags and, if applicable, a number badge indicating any additional tags. Additional tags are displayed when you hover over the badge.

Campaign cards with tags and tool tip displaying additional tags

Filter campaign view by tags

Campaigns filters include the option to personalize your view by tags. Use this option to view all campaigns associated with one or more tags.

Filter campaigns by tags

  1. On the Campaigns screen, under the filter options, select Tags.
  2. Use the search box to find your tags by keyword, and select the tag(s) you want to use to filter your view.
    Search box under the Tags filter with the example of searching your campaign tags that include the word 'plans'.

The filters are applied to your Campaigns view, and along with any other selected filters, display a list of campaigns associated with the selected tags.

Manage tags

On the Tags management screen, the Campaigns column displays the total number of campaigns that are associated with each tag. To view a quickly filtered list of those campaigns in a new window, select the number.

Count and quick link to view campaigns associated with a specific tag

The following options are also available for managing your tags.

Edit tag

  1. In the row of the tag you want to edit, select edit .
  2. Update the name or color of the tag as required, and then select Submit.

Delete tag

  1. In the row of the tag you want to delete, select delete .
  2. A confirmation message displays the number of campaigns that are associated with the tag. To confirm your choice, select Continue.

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