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Creating segments

Creating segments involves applying one or more filters to your users based on criteria such as their purchases or demographic data. For example, you can filter on purchase properties (such as the number of in-app purchases), device properties (such as language) and engagement (such as the total session minutes). Segments are also automatically created by Swrve’s A/B testing service. If you’d like to read some hints and tips before creating your segment, see Segmentation best practices.

Creating a segment

The Create Segment screen enables you to create simple or advanced segments.

Create segment screen

To create a segment:

Step 1: On the Manage menu, select Segments.

Step 2: On the Segments screen, select Create Segment.

Step 3: In the Name field, enter the name of the segment.

Step 4: Select the mode you want to use to create the filter (Simple or Advanced) and a corresponding operator. For more information about filter modes and operators, see Segment and audience filters.

Step 5: Create a filter based on the available data types (for example, Purchases, Device, Events), operator and values provided. For detailed information on the data types and filter descriptions, see Segment and audience filters.

  1. Select the data type of the filter you want to add.
  2. Create the filter using the filter type, operator and value controls provided (for examples, see below).
  3. Select Add to save your filter.
  4. To define additional filters for the segment, select Add Filter and repeat the previous three actions.

Step 6: Select Save Segment to save your segment.


The following examples illustrate how to use the data type, filter types and operators provided to create various segments.

Users who have spent less than $10

Data Type Filter Type Operator Value
Purchases have spent less than 10

Segment for multiple language groups

Swrve provides an OR condition to enable you to associate multiple values with the same operator.

Data Type Filter Type Operator Value
Demographic Language is English OR French

Users who haven’t opened the app recently or purchased a subscription renewal

Select the Users can match any criteria radio button.

Data Type Filter Type Operator Value
Engagement were last active more than 3 days ago
Purchase haven’t purchased particular item(s) N/A relevant item; for example, Renewal

You can also target and track your audience based on the recency of custom events or purchases. For more information, see How do I target my audience using event recency?

Next steps

Use segments to target your resource A/B tests, in-app messages, conversations or push notifications. For more information, select one of the links below: