Last modified November 2, 2018 by Shelly Wolfe

How do I use real-time targeting?

Swrve introduced the ability to update segments on a near real-time basis in January 2014. Previously, users were added to segments within approximately 60 minutes. Thanks to the real-time feature, KPI charts populate at a faster rate, allowing quicker insight into user progression, engagement and conversion. This is useful not only upon app launch, but also during time-sensitive A/B tests and messaging campaigns.

Dynamic content delivery

Example scenario: Upselling a user after conversion

A user has purchased a virtual item in your in-app store and you’d like to deliver a unique sale to the converted customer on entering the store again in the same session.

To do this, first create an in-app messaging campaign in Swrve, defining the message trigger at store entry and targeting the message at the appropriate user segment. For more information about creating in-app messages, see Creating in-app messages. When users in the segment enter the store, the in-app message is triggered and they see the campaign message.

Next, work with your development team to send Swrve any queued events on user purchase and request campaigns from Swrve (in the client code). Now, within the same user session, the user receives a unique message on an offer of your choice. For example, you could deliver the following:

  • In-app interstitials based on segmentation – you can target engaged spenders while they’re in the app. Upsell to users by offering a unique sale after purchase. Deliver special sale offers on every new in-app achievement or deliver an offer immediately to those who share your app with Facebook friends.
  • A/B tests – provide different prices to those who have passed a certain stage in the app. Offer a completely new IAP store on level promotion or app session length. Real-time segments enable you to be active in delivering content to users as they use your app. Improve reengagement by changing the difficulty levels for players unable to pass certain levels or promote a different level path or different achievement goals based on how a user is progressing.

Development changes for dynamic content delivery

For information about the development changes required to use real-time targeting, consult the developer documentation below for the platform of your app (requires SDK version 3.0 or higher):