Last modified November 13, 2018 by Shelly Wolfe

Understand and engage your users

Start using Swrve to track what your users are doing, dynamically change their experience and engage with them in a relevant way.

Segment your users

Segment users with similar behavior to ensure that any in-app messaging campaigns, push notifications and A/B tests are targeted at the right customer groups. Segmenting users is critical to delivering a personalized experience to your app users. For more information about segmentation, see Intro to segmentation.

Build relationships

Now you’re ready to start using Swrve to build relationships with your app users. You can run any of the campaigns detailed below, depending on what you want to achieve:

In-app messages

Swrve enables you to deliver highly customized in-app marketing messages to targeted user segments. For more information about in-app messages in Swrve, see Intro to in-app messages.

Push notifications

Swrve supports the creation of push campaigns, targeted at specific user segments, to maximize engagement and retention and build the relationship even when users are outside of the app. For more information about push notifications in Swrve, see Intro to push notifications.

Resource A/B testing

Swrve includes an enterprise-ready A/B testing solution for mobile apps. You can test live in multi-million user environments to find out what works for your business goals. For more information about A/B testing in Swrve, see Intro to resource A/B testing.

Measure your success

The reporting and analytic tools available in Swrve enable you to view and analyze app data. You can view reports which provide information on KPIs, segments and events, for example. For more information about analytics in Swrve, see Intro to analytics.

When you first log in to Swrve, the App Dashboards display an overview of your app’s performance over the past 24 hours. For an overview of the contents of your dashboard, see The KPI metrics dashboard and About User Lifecycles.

Measure your KPIs

Use Swrve to calculate the key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure and analyze your users and their behavior. This highlights the base metrics that need improvement and the types of users you should be targeting. It also helps to signpost the metrics and potential app changes that you should A/B test with the help of Swrve. Swrve Trend Reports are the best place to start. For more information about KPIs in Swrve, see Intro to KPIs.