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Managing your integrations

Swrve integrates with external data applications and marketing software services via Connectors. In most cases, your CSM will manage the configuration of your integration and set up any associated rules in Swrve.


The following table summarizes the Connectors that are currently available, and the actions possible with each integration. For more details about a particular integration, select the appropriate link below.

Connector Description Actions available
Adobe Analytics Adobe Analytics is a cloud computing and enterprise analytics system that helps you uncover business opportunities and successes by turning customer interactions into actionable insights. Send and manage tracking events
Amplitude Amplitude is an analytics provider that helps companies gain valuable insights from user behavior. Send attribution
Track event
Update user profile
Custom Generic REST integration used to interface with your in-house system(s). Web service request
FTP Generic integration that enables you to import CSV data from your CRM or in-house system from an FTP or SFTP server. User profile management
Mailchimp Mailchimp is an online email marketing solution that enables you to manage subscribers, send emails and track results. Marketing emails
Mailjet Mailjet is a transactional email delivery and list management service. Transactional emails
Marketing emails
Mandrill Mandrill is an email infrastructure service offered as an add-on for Mailchimp that enables you to send personalized, one-to-one e-commerce emails, or automated transactional emails. Transactional emails
Movable Ink Movable Ink is a cloud-based software platform that offers digital marketers a way to create compelling visual experiences. Content management
Oracle Eloqua Oracle Eloqua is a marketing automation platform that enables marketers to plan and execute campaigns while delivering a personalized customer experience for their prospects. Contact management
Oracle Responsys Oracle Responsys is a single platform that allows marketers to drive exceptional consumer experiences across all marketing interactions. User profile management
Bulk data export
Send events
Oracle Responsys Program As part of Oracle’s Marketing Cloud, Responsys Programs gives marketing teams the tools needed to deliver relevant, engaging experiences to their customers across devices, channels and lifecycles. Trigger Swrve campaigns
Send events
Update user profile
Qminder Qminder is a queuing solution for safe, touch-free customer service. Create Qminder ticket
Salesforce Journey Builder Part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, use Swrve’s Journey Builder integration to include Swrve actions and campaigns in your multi-channel consumer journeys. Contact management
Trigger Swrve campaigns
Send events
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget), is a cloud computing and social enterprise customer relationship manager (CRM) that enables you to connect to your customers with email, mobile, social, Web experiences and advertising. Contact management
Transactional emails
Marketing emails
Salesforce Service Cloud Salesforce Service Cloud is a cloud computing and social enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) system. Manage bulk user updates and enhance your Service Cloud customer interactions using Swrve campaigns with our Service Cloud integration. For information about using Swrve campaigns in Service Cloud Process Builder, see Swrve Activities for Salesforce Service Cloud. Contact management
Trigger Swrve campaigns
Send events
SendGrid SendGrid is a transactional email delivery and list management service. Transactional emails
Marketing emails
Swrve Built-in function to reuse Swrve engagement features or update analytics or user properties, after processing events from the third-party software systems. Send events
User profile management
Push notification
Twilio Twilio is a cloud communications platform that enables you to embed messaging, voice, video, and authentication into your app. SMS/MMS messaging

Next steps

To add an integration to your Swrve service or if you have an integration with a provider not mentioned above, contact your CSM at