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Intro to geo-triggered campaigns

Use Swrve’s geo-triggered campaigns to send targeted, location-based notifications to your app users.

Use Swrve’s geo-triggered campaigns to send timely, relevant messages to audiences in geographic areas of your choice. For example:

  • Increase customer engagement – Target users when they enter a geofence to provide a custom welcome or inform them about local promotions.
  • Assist users – Provide updates to users about service delays or issues related to their location.
  • Improve conversion – Send location-specific offers to users who enter or exit a selected geofence.
  • Cross-promote – Generate additional revenue by promoting similar products using audience targeting. Use deeplinks to send the user to any desired location, such as a website, social network or other title in your portfolio.

Geoplace around LAX airport and example of a geo-triggered notification

Geo-triggered campaigns include all of Swrve’s existing analytic capabilities, letting you create and track custom engagement goals and providing detailed reports of the results. In addition, Swrve enables you to specify the precise point at which notifications are received.

The Swrve Locations SDK has been replaced by our Geo SDK, which may not be available depending on your agreement with Swrve. If you would like to have geo-triggered campaigns enabled for your app, contact your CSM at


This section details the prerequisites you and your development team must complete before you can create geo-triggered campaigns.

  • Update your app with the latest Swrve SDK that supports geo-triggered campaigns – For iOS and Android, use SDK version 6.0.1 or later. Geo-triggered campaigns are not currently supported in Unity. For more information about integrating the SDK, see the platform-specific Integration guide.
  • Obtain a copy of the Swrve Geo Sample project and your Geo API key – To request a copy of the Geo Sample project for your platform, contact your CSM at They will enable geo-triggered campaigns in your Swrve dashboard and give you your Geo API key.
  • Integrate the Geo SDK add-on alongside the general SDK – For more information, see the Swrve Geo SDK integration guide.
  • Combine Android and iOS apps in the Swrve dashboard (optional) – Combining your Android and iOS apps into a single Swrve dashboard lets you create a single geo-triggered push campaign that you can send to users of all platforms, and means you only need to set up the required geoplaces and campaigns once.
  • Set up the geoplaces you want to use to trigger your campaigns – You can set up geoplaces manually or use our the Geoplace API to set them up via API call. For more information, see About geoplaces or Swrve Geoplace API.

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