Last modified August 25, 2020 by John Mcgrath

Intro to campaign retargeting

Target your campaign audiences based on their exposure to past or present campaigns with Swrve’s enhanced campaign retargeting audience filters. Now available for push notification and geo-triggered campaigns!

Use Swrve’s Campaign Retargeting to message your users based on their exposure to and interactions with any or specific in-app message and push notification campaigns. While standard retargeting supports building audiences based on a user’s behavioral and profile information, our new push campaign retargeting gives you the option to follow up with customers who might or might not have received, responded to, or been influenced by your previous attempts to engage them.

Campaign retargeting is available in the audience builder when creating the audience for any channel or type of campaign. Leverage your customer interactions with one type of campaign to gain a broader reach or create a more seamless customer experience across your app. For example, retarget users who engaged with a New Music Friday! push notification by following up the next day with a related in-app message highlighting the same artist or genre.

Retargeting on push notification campaigns

The campaign actions available for push notifications include several options for retargeting your audience. For example:

  • Sent, Not Sent – Target users who were not sent a limited time promotional offer in the last week and send a new one without fear of over-messaging.
  • Delivered, Not Delivered – Follow up with users who were sent an important alert notification but did not receive it due to their phone being off or without service.
  • Engaged, Not Engaged – Message customers about items and genres they’ve shown interest in by including their engagement (or lack of engagement) with past push campaigns.
  • Clicked Button, Did Not Click Button – Focus in on users who took the time to expand a rich push notification and click a specific item or promotion, but did not complete the purchase.
  • Geo – Target users who engaged with a notification triggered when passing a specific restaurant, and follow up later with similar recommendations.

You can also target your audience based on the overall number of campaigns they’ve received—for example, users who were sent at least five push notifications in the last 30 days. Or target based on interactions with specific campaigns, such as users who clicked a Black Friday campaign. Additionally, you can filter groups of users who do not match the audience criteria of any historical campaigns, making it easier to target under-messaged users.

Retargeting on in-app message campaigns

Swrve’s audience builder has long supported targeting users exposed to in-app message campaigns, via the Campaigns tab under the User Profile Filters section. There are no changes currently to how you retarget in-app message campaigns. For more information, see Segment and audience filters.


Push campaign retargeting

Swrve automatically tracks some push events by default, such as Sent and Engaged. However, push Influenced and Delivered events have certain SDK-version dependencies or require extra integration steps. To use delivered or influenced events to target your audience, your development team must complete the following:

  • Update your app to the latest Swrve SDK – The Swrve SDK automatically tracks push delivery events as of the following SDK versions:
  • iOS only: Add service extension and app group – To track push notification delivery and influenced events, iOS uses a notification service app extension and app group . For more information, see the see the iOS integration guide.

Geo campaign retargeting

Apart from integrating the Swrve Geo SDK add-on, there are no additional requirements for retargeting users by geo-triggered campaigns. After you launch your first geo campaign, the option to retarget users on geo-triggered campaigns and notifications is available in the audience builder User Behavior Filters, on the Campaigns tab.

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