Last modified November 16, 2018 by Shelly Wolfe

Welcome to Swrve!

It’s easy to get started—just follow the quick onboarding guide below! Want to see what you can do with Swrve? Check out the tour of the Swrve dashboard.

Add your app

Add your app’s platform titles to the Swrve service and nominate the lead developer responsible for integrating each title. Swrve then emails your developer to prepare them to start the integration process. For more information, see Add your app.

Integrate Swrve into your app

Integrating the core functionality of Swrve into your app is quick and easy. Your nominated lead developer integrates the SDK with just one line of code to enable you to access basic analytics and Swrve’s in-app messaging functionality. After that, there’s a few additional steps to complete the core integration—then it’s up to you just how sophisticated you get using Swrve’s advanced integration options. For more information, see Integrate your app.

Understand and engage your users

Start using Swrve to track what your app users are doing, learn from their behavior, build personalized relationships with them, and engage with them in a relevant, meaningful way. For more information about understanding and engaging with your customers, see Intro to segmentation or visit our newly redesigned Campaigns center!

Ready to start?

If you’re new to Swrve, take a quick tour of the Swrve platform and then get started by adding your app’s platform titles. For more information, see Add your app. If you have questions before you start, contact Swrve Technical Support at