Last modified December 22, 2020 by Shelly Wolfe

Managing events

Swrve tracks user behavior by means of events. Each time one of your app users performs an action you’re interested in, you send Swrve an event to track it. You can use app-generated events to trigger campaigns, while app- and server-generated events help you define segments and power analytics. Swrve analyzes these events and produces reports that tell you exactly how your users are interacting with your app. You are limited to 1000 events per app, therefore it is important to properly manage the events that your app sends to Swrve.

View, register, and manage your events on the Event Management screen. To access this screen, on the Manage menu, select Events.

Event Management screen

The Event Management screen groups events by state—Registered, Unregistered and Archived. On the Registered events tab, the Count column shows how many times the event has been received since it was registered. On the Unregistered events tab, the Estimated Recent Count column shows an estimate of how many times the event was received within the last 24 hours. The Description field enables you to include a brief description of the event. To edit this field, select the text in the Description field and edit the content as needed.

If you don’t have access to the Event Management screen, it’s possible your app is currently over the 1000 event limit. For more information and help in managing your events, contact your CSM at

Registered events

Swrve only processes registered events. To make events available in the dashboard for reporting, segmentation, and campaign targeting purposes, they must be registered.

By default, Swrve automatically registers unregistered events, up to the 1000 event limit. Events on the Unregistered tab are automatically registered on an hourly basis, until the event limit is reached. A message is displayed on the Registered tab informing you of the current number of unregistered events that will be automatically registered. Auto-registration is an optional feature, so if you would like it disabled for your app, please contact your CSM at

Additionally, there are three ways to manually register events:

  • Add individual events.
  • Import a CSV file of events.
  • Add events from the Unregistered or Archived tab.

Add individual events

To add an individual event:

  1. On the Registered tab, select Events and select Add.
  2. In the Register New Event dialog box, enter the Event Name and add a Description (optional).
  3. To save the event, select Add.
Event names are limited to 191 characters and should not include emojis or start with the swrve.* namespace. Event names with spaces (for example, tutorial start) are not valid. For more information on event requirements, see the relevant Integration guide.

Import CSV

To import a CSV file of events:

Import CSV window

  1. Select Documents  and select Import CSV.
  2. In the Import CSV dialog, select an option to either have the CSV file replace only the duplicate events in the file or to overwrite all existing events with the events contained in the file. (Note: The second option archives any currently registered events in the database that are not in the CSV file.)
  3. Select Choose File, navigate to and select the CSV file on your computer then select Open.
  4. To import the selected file, select Import.
The CSV should include two columns labeled name (event name) and description (optional).

Add unregistered or archived events

To add unregistered or archived events:

  1. On the Unregistered or Archived tab, select the event(s) you want to register.
  2. Select Events then select Register Selected.
  3. The Register Events dialog is displayed and prompts you to confirm the number of events you want to register. Select Confirm to proceed.

Registered event limits

After your app reaches the event limit, the “This app currently exceeds Swrve’s 1000 event limit.” message is displayed. You cannot add any more events until you archive others.

If you try to upload a CSV file that will cause your events to exceed the 1000 limit, the “Cannot import events: this import would increase your event count past the event limit of 1000.” message is displayed. For auto-registration, Swrve randomly adds unregistered events up to the point where the limit is reached.

Unregistered events

Unregistered events are events sent from your app to Swrve that are not Registered or marked as Archived. In most cases, events on the Unregistered tab are automatically registered on an hourly basis, until the event limit is reached. If auto-registration is not enabled on your app, you must manually select the events you want to register or archive.

Archived events

Archived events are events that have been specifically marked as archived and are not processed by Swrve. If you archive an event that was previously registered, it is removed from the Registered list and the event is no longer processed by Swrve or displayed in the dashboard.

To archive events:

  1. On the Registered or Unregistered tab, select the event(s) that you want to archive.
  2. Select Events and then select Archive Selected.
  3. The Archive Events dialog box prompts you to confirm the number of events you want to archive. Select Confirm to proceed.

Additional actions

Export events

The Events Management screen enables you to export a CSV file of event names and descriptions, by event type.

To export a list of events:

  1. Select the tab for the type of events you want to export.
  2. To export only a selected group of events, select the check boxes of the desired events. Otherwise, leave the check boxes clear to export all.
  3. Select Documents  then select Export Selected or Export All.
  4. The Export CSV dialog box prompts you to confirm that you want to download the selected or all events. Select Download to proceed.