Last modified August 15, 2022 by Shelly Wolfe

Testing in-app and embedded campaigns

Test the content of your in-app message and embedded campaigns by assigning users to specific language or A/B test variants using Swrve’s campaign builder QA feature.

Swrve’s in-app message and embedded campaign QA testing functionality has two main purposes:

  • For your development team to test campaigns on QA devices and ensure the integration is working as expected before you create your first campaign.
  • For you to test a new campaign before you launch it.

QA testing is available for in-app message and embedded campaigns in any of the following states:

  • Draft – You’ve created a new campaign but not launched it yet or you’ve unscheduled a Pending (scheduled) campaign.
  • Inactive – You’ve paused an Active campaign.

There are three steps involved in QA testing an in-app message or embedded campaign:

  1. Set up the QA device.
  2. On the campaign builder QA block, assign the QA device to your campaign.
  3. Access the QA device logs.

Embedded and in-app message campaigns user our consolidated campaign builder, so the process to test them is fairly similar. For information on how to QA test Conversation campaigns, see QA testing Conversations campaigns.

Setting up QA devices

For detailed instructions on how to set up QA devices, and for troubleshooting information on setting up QA devices for campaign testing, see How do I set up QA devices?

Assigning QA devices

To assign a QA device to an in-app message or embedded campaign:

  1. From your Campaigns center, select the campaign you want to test, and then on the QA block, select edit or view . For more information about creating campaigns in our consolidated campaign flow, see Campaign overview and channels.
  2. In the QA section, select Add (+) and select the required QA device from the Add QA user list.
  3. If your campaign includes multiple languages and variants, select the content you want to test.
  4. A Logging link displays for each assigned QA device. Select this link to display the QA User Logging screen and view the most recent events for the selected device.
  5. Select Save to save any changes you’ve made to the QA device assignments.

In the Add QA Users dialog, select your QA device and the relevant variants or languages you want to test, then select save.

To change or remove a QA user’s variant assignment, open the QA block, switch the A/B test or language variant assigned to the QA user, and select Save.

For embedded, in-app message, or Conversations, you can only assign a QA device to one campaign and language or variant at a time. If you assign a QA device to one campaign and variant and then try to add it to another, it is automatically removed from the first variant.

After saving your changes, the QA block displays the number of QA users added to the campaign. To expand the view and display the specific users and variant assignments, select QA users preview.

expanded qa block

To add QA users to campaigns in Draft or Inactive state, you must first add valid campaign content. The QA testing block is not available if you haven’t added content yet, or when a campaign is Scheduled, Active, or Archived.

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