Last modified May 17, 2021 by Shelly Wolfe

Swrve Help Center

Learn how to use Swrve to engage with your customers through targeted in-app message, conversation or push notification campaigns, and then analyze and maximize on the results using Swrve’s in-depth analytic and reporting features. You can also use Swrve’s A/B testing features to test campaigns or different aspects of your app for the best engagement and conversion rates. The following topics will help you to quickly get started using Swrve.

Getting Started

Get started by taking a tour of the Swrve dashboard and then learn how to manage app events and resources. Learn how to segment your user base so you can run native app content A/B tests or target campaigns.


Create campaigns to engage with your app users in a variety of ways, in and outside of the app. Swrve supports the following campaign delivery methods:

Additionally, Swrve enables you to measure ROI with campaign holdout experiments and download CSV files of your campaign reports.

Data Mining

Learn how to get the most out of your Swrve data by digging into your user database or using the suite of Swrve reports.

Swrve integrations

Swrve integrates with your third-party service providers to enable you to import customer data from those systems to Swrve or use Swrve-based actions to trigger multi-channel campaigns.

This information covers how to use the Swrve service once you have successfully set up your app and integrated the Swrve SDK. For information about integrating the Swrve SDK with your app, consult the Developer Documentation.