Last modified October 8, 2018 by Shelly Wolfe

Personalizing push notifications

Use custom user properties to include dynamic, personalized content in your push notifications with Swrve’s push notification personalization feature.

On the Add Content screen of the push notification campaign workflow, you can insert custom user properties in any field in the notification that includes text (for example, title, body, button labels) in addition to personalizing rich media content. Insert Property  appears when you enter text in a related field.

insert property in push notification content

Push notification personalization is only available with One Time and Recurring push notifications. It is not available to use with the Push API.

How to personalize a push notification

Step 1: On the Add Content screen, select the desired text or URL box and enter your initial content.

Step 2: Select the point in your Title, Subtitle, or Body text where you want to insert a user property and then select Insert Property .

Insert Property with fallback

Step 3: In the Insert Property dialog box, enter the the property name or select an item from the list of available properties.

Step 4: Below the property name, select an option to use if the target user does not have a value for that property. The options are:

  • Don’t Send – the user does not receive the notification. The number of devices who do not receive a notification due to the absence of a user property is displayed in the Push Results section of the Campaign Details tab on the push notification report screen. For more information, see Managing push notifications.
  • Fallback – the absent user property is replaced with the text you enter in the Fallback field.

Step 5: Select Insert Property to add the user property to the notification content. A preview of the message is displayed as you type and any fallback text is displayed in place of the custom property, if specified.

personalized push notification content

Step 6: After you have added the push notification content, select Next: Set Targeting to proceed. Complete the rest of the campaign workflow as you would for a regular push notification. For more information, see Creating push notifications.

Personalizing rich push notifications

You can also customize the media elements of your rich push notifications, for example, including video previews or trailers, a short customer survey, or a promotion that includes relevant and contextual images based on user behaviors. For more information on how to personalize rich push notifications, see About rich push notifications.

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